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Link Gumbo 2/2/14 - Baseball Preseason Special

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Sorry I'm a little late, but we've only got 11 days until the start of the Baseball season, so now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the new team and the college baseball world at large. Let's start with Coach Mainieri's press conference a few days ago.

Starts off confirming the roster will remain at 33 of 35 players, with two fall transfers that still count on the roster...the battle to take over 3B from the departed Christian Ibarra has not been settled, but is close...He is optimistic about the freshmen position players, but doesn't think they will be needed in leading roles quite yet...The freshmen on the pitching staff is a concern, but the example set by Jared Poche last year is a guide of what he expects and what should be expected from these young arms...No set weekend rotation yet, will be determined in the non-con before SEC play...He gives a thought that Poche or one of these freshmen may end up as a dependable closer...discussing the introduction of the flat seam ball this season, testing in practice has shown a good 20-25 ft increase on average for well hit balls. Practice has also shown that the flat seam ball reduces the chance for blisters with the pitchers...The experienced position players will help anchor the team and give leadership to the freshmen pitching...Jesse Stallings seems to have recovered well from Tommy John surgery, 90-92 with a good breaking ball and changeup, Russell Reynolds recovered from labrum surgery last year and fell out of the back of a truck before fall practice this season, injuring his non-throwing elbow, but he should be in rotation soon, Hunter Newman had minor surgery and needs to work on his consistency...the Jordan brothers , Beau and Bryce, get a glowing review. Beau has shown to be a clutch hitter in practice, Bryce has shown aptitude at 1B and C (and taking HBPs at the plate) pitching coach Andy Cannizaro gets a great review, and Mainieri reveals his own belief that he may have been spreading Javi Sanchez a little thin in his practice coaching responsibilities. To that end, Cannizaro will focus primarily on hitting during practice to make sure players are adjusting properly....Greg Deichmann gets compared as a bigger, more athletic Ryan Schimpf; a hitter with great power who will miss a lot and plays erratic defense at the moment, a talent with great potential who needs molding....on not reaching Omaha consistently, he agrees that it is the standard for LSU, and while he wont consider the last few season a failure by any means, he understands the expectations...expresses the importance of building toughness and confidence in the freshman pitchers, because they wont find an easy day in the SEC. Mentions the great improvement they have had under Dunn's tutelage already...on the trouble of so many Thursday starts (due to TV obligations and certain scheduling quirks, 5 of LSU's 10 SEC series have Thursday night games) he does not know how the rotations will work out yet and couldn't say if he believed anyone on the roster could handle a 6 day rotation yet...he compares the makeup of this team to his 2002 Notre Dame team: Confident, experience position players backing up a highly rated bunch of freshman arms...Papierski is a talent at C that he believes could start immediately if needed, but will take the opportunity to work on his hitting looking forward to a great year from Bregman...he is VERY excited about the possibility of the draft being moved back to after the season is over...Alden Cartwright remains very confident, despite the way the season ended. Mainieri hopes that there wont be much need to move bullpen guys into starting roles this year...hasn't noticed that the flat seam ball has affected infield play, thought he's worried about choppers to 3B over the last few years...Poche probably gets opening night...The State of SEC Baseball is strong...Mainieri wishes the SEC slate was 39 games a year, wants to play everybody


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