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The first Boom from Coach O has been fired and it's a good one

Student Sports

After committing and de-committing from South Carolina and the Ol' Ball Coach on two separate occasions, four-star defensive end Arden Key made things final two days before National Signing Day and committed to the LSU Tigers Monday night.

The coaching change from Brick Haley to Ed Orgeron and Chavis to Kevin Steele changed things when the two new coaches made Key an even bigger priority than the previous staff.  The official visit from Key on the weekend of January 16th helped seal the deal as both Key and his family fell in love with the personality of Orgeron, making things easier for Key to go a little further away from his home state of Georgia to call Baton Rouge his new home.

But cdub, what does this top-ten defensive end bring?  Don't worry concerned reader, I got you covered

Film Evaluation

It's quickly apparent that he has one of the fastest bursts off the snap that I've seen on a highlight film.  He has the ability to get around end in an instant and making life for opposing quarterbacks and running backs a nightmare.  For a high school recruit, he shows a variety of moves to get past his blocker, something which is rare for a guy with his athleticism when they can normally rely on their speed to get to the quarterback.  One thing I love also is he doesn't give up on the play, using that speed to track down ballcarriers

What Will He Bring To LSU

While a little on the light side at 6-5, 230 lbs., Key will need to put on some muscle, and with that will come the strength for him to become a complete rush end.  Until then, expect to see Key a good amount of time on passing downs or long yardage situations.  If Steele does intend to bring in the 3-4, you could see Key even more standing up as an outside linebacker, giving him an even bigger advantage in getting to the quarterback.  Key has all the potential in the world with the athleticism to go with it.  If he can add the muscle, which he likely will after getting Moffitt-ized, he can become an All-SEC, All-American caliber end.

When fans were excited at the hiring of Coach O, this was the reason right here.  His relentless pursuit and his charming personality were what it took to make Key's decision final.  This is only the start of good things to come with Orgeron in charge and behind the wheel of d-line recruiting, he just needed a Key to start the ignition (you thought I could go a whole article without bad humor?)