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LSU National Signing Day Preview: Linebackers

What does LSU's LB signing class look like?

When Les Miles hired John Chavis, most LSU fans fantasized of glorious LB of the likes the school had scarcely seen. Sure, players like Michael Brooks, Bradie James and Trev Faulk once took the field in the Tiger Stadium, but the LB corp at LSU were largely left wanting. Players like Kevin Minter starred, for a single year. Players like Kwon Alexander were mercurial in the ability to absolutely dominate, then largely disappear. The rest? Largely a bunch of meh.

Now Chavis moves on to Texas A&M and LSU turns to yet another supposed linebacker guru in Kevin Steele. Steele is gifted stud linebackers in Kendell Beckwith and Clifton Garrett, while the rest of his core is comprised of solid, but unspectacular talents. What could the staff do to bolster the current depth chart?


Nothing. There's not even really a maybe convert here. LSU struck out on the LB trail in 2015... to date. In-state talents like Arthur McGinnis failed to capture the coach's attention. Keaton Anderson, an Alabama native, maintained deep connections to Chavis, but elected to go elsewhere. Players like Adonis Thomas, Sh'mar Kilby-Lane, and Malik Jefferson opted to go elsewhere. LSU struck out time and again on the LB trail.


Leo Lewis

6'3", 225 pounds

247: ****, #66 Nationally, #1 ILB
Rivals: ****, #43 Nationally, #2 ILB
ESPN: ****, #60 Nationally, #2 ILB
Scout: ****, #160 Nationally, #7 MLB

Lewis is your prototypical thumper in the middle. The one time Alabama, then Ole Miss commit has since decommitted:

Would Lewis venture to Baton Rouge? Keep in mind the few factors I mentioned before: Baton Rouge is closer to his home than either Mississippi school. His primary recruiter at Alabama, the school he was once committed to, was also Kevin Steele. Predictions remain torn on Lewis. Many think he will stay in state and head to Starkville. Others suggest his decommitment from Ole Miss while on his LSU visit would indicate he's headed to Baton Rouge.

Lewis would almost certainly step onto campus as the third most talented LB.


It's Lewis or bust for the LB position at LSU in 2015. Losing Kwon Alexander is a tough pill to swallow for the LSU LB core, but they return plenty of experience and a super talented Freshman in Clifton Garrett. Leo Lewis has a chance to walk onto campus and assume the backup MLB job, if he wants it. That's a nice position to be in.