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LSU National Signing Day Preview: The Secondary

What does LSU's secondary class for 2015 look like?

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It's a moniker we've earned through the likes of Corey Webster, Patrick Peterson, Mo Claiborne, Ron Brooks, Tharold Simon, Tyrann Mathieu, Eric Reid and a slew of other all-conference performers that took the field at Tiger Stadium in the past two decades. Stellar DB play became a hallmark under former DC John Chavis. Through two different DB coaches, Chavis guided multiple players into the NFL, and sans 2012, never had trouble fielding a strong secondary. Jalen Collins is the latest protege that will find himself in the NFL next fall. Tre'Davious White, Jamal Adams and Jalen Mills will follow shortly thereafter. And players like Dwayne Thomas, Ed Paris, Rickey Jefferson, John Battle and Devin Voorhies are waiting in the wings. It's the deepest, most talented spot on the roster, by far. It's likely the position Les Miles has recruited the best in his LSU tenure.

What has the staff done to add to that group for 2015?


Kevin Toliver II, CB (Signee)

6'2", 185 pounds

247: *****, #9 Nationally, #2 CB
Rivals: *****, #27 Nationally, #3 CB
ESPN: *****, #10 Nationally, #2 CB
Scout: *****, #10 Nationally, #3 CB

The stud CB took a turn as the nation's best player last summer, though he fell down the rankings a bit as the year progressed. Not far, though, as he's a consensus 5 star player, and generally considered one the 10 best players in this signing class. Toliver has already signed, and will compete this Spring. There's a decent chance he will be in the mix for the 2nd CB job come this fall. He's big and brings some amazing ball skills and intelligence. He does his best work punishing players at the line of scrimmage, something he loves to do.

Donte Jackson, CB

5'11", 164 pounds

247: *****, #10 Nationally, #1 ATH
Rivals: ****, #58 Nationally, #5 CB
ESPN: ****, #176 Nationally, #15 CB
Scout: *****, #28 Nationally, #5 CB

Jackson is a fluid, explosive athlete with track-level speed. 247 got to see Jackson up close and in person during the U.S. Army All American bowl and quickly bumped him up to one of their 10 best players. Jackson locked down receiver after receiver during practices, and even looked dominant on offense when given the chance. He'll play corner here, but don't be surprised if Cam Cameron designs a play or two to get him the ball, due to his ungodly speed.

Xavier Lewis, CB/S

5'11", 188 pounds

247: ****, #144 Nationally, #15 CB
Rivals: ****, #245 Nationally, #18 S
ESPN: ****, #150 Nationally, #13 CB
Scout: ****, #245 Nationally, #27 CB

Lewis isn't the biggest guy, isn't the fastest guy, but I think of him a lot like Brandon Taylor. I think he'll be the glue guy for the secondary in the coming years. He's a hard-nosed player, that likes to mix it up. He can tackle in the open field, and he's got good instincts, which makes me think he may be long for the safety position at LSU, similar to Jalen Mills now.


Iman Marshall, CB

6'1", 190 pounds

247: *****, #5 Nationally, #1 CB
Rivals: *****, #3 Nationally, #1 CB
ESPN: *****, #4 Nationally, #1 CB
Scout: *****, #7 Nationally, #1 CB

The nation's consensus top CB, he's the nearest thing to Patrick Peterson in the 2015 recruiting class. Marshall is big, athletic and rangy. He's scheme versatile, and should make a great boundary corner at the next level. Marshall visited LSU a couple weeks ago, and the trip seemed to go well. Still, good money is on USC in this one. They are in his backyard, and he's been there multiple times over the past two years. Still, he's one to keep an eye on.

Justin Reid, S

6'0, 193 pounds

247: ****, #188 Nationally, #8 S
Rivals: ***, UR Nationally, #47 S
ESPN: ***, UR Nationally, #73 S
Scout: ****, #274 Nationally, #21 S

The younger brother of Eric tripped to Baton Rouge last weekend. He's a solid safety prospect that LSU has kept on the backburner for much of the process. They've played the numbers game with him, and it's still not entirely clear if his offer is commit-able. I look for Reid to go to Stanford, who has made him a priority in their class, and is out near his older brother. But stranger things have happened.


The DB class is pretty much set... assuming Iman Marshall doesn't make the shocking decision of LSU. If he were to pick LSU, this would go down as probably the greatest DB class in school history, maybe in all of recruiting. It's already damn strong, and will continue the great tradition of DBs under Miles.