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LSU National Signing Day 2015: A Primer

Everything you need to know about National Signing Day!

Derick E.Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We're just hours away now from putting a bow on the 2015 recruiting class, turning it officially to a signing class. LSU is once again sitting in prime position for another top five finish, a bigger accomplishment than you might imagine. For LSU to pull this level of class while losing a pair of coaches, coming off an underwhelming season and without a lot of banner talent in the state, is pretty remarkable.

A 5-star from Florida, a 5-star and a 4-star from Georgia, and three of the best five players from the State. All in all, this is a very strong class, made stronger since the hiring of Ed Orgeron and Kevin Steele. Here's the class as it currently stands:

Announcements to Come

7:00 AM, CST

4-Star QB Torrance Gibson
Finalists: LSU, Auburn, Ohio State

Gibson reportedly really likes Cam Cameron, and thinks he could be just the man to get him into the NFL. But I don't think it's enough to overcome his long-term relationship with Ohio State.

8:30 AM, CST

4-star WR Daylon Charlot Stream
Finalists: LSU, Alabama

I suspect Charlot will re-affirm his commitment to Alabama.

4-star OT Toby Weathersby
Finalists: LSU, Arkansas

All the info coming forward indicates Weathersby will pick the Tigers tomorrow.

9:30 AM, CST

4-star WR Derrick Dillon
Finalists: LSU, Florida

I expect Dillon to flip to LSU.

10:30 AM, CST

4-star LB Leo Lewis
Finalists: LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State

I believe Lewis will pick the good guys on Signing Day.

1:30 PM, CST

5-star DE CeCe Jefferson
Finalists: Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, LSU

Jefferson tweeted his final four, sans LSU, but I'm including him here since many were vested in his recruitment and he's headed to one of LSU's prime rivals.

3:00 PM, CST

5-star CB Iman Marshall
Finalists: USC, Florida, UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame, LSU

Marshall looks primed to stay on the West Coast and play for hometown USC.


Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if you expected it, right? I don't foresee any positive nor negative.

Some have been concerned that Nick Brossette may flip to Texas, but the latest info suggests he'll stick with LSU. Barring some type of last minute shocker, he should ink with the Tigers.

Ditto for Maea Teuhema. Any momentum for UCLA seems all but dead.

I think Torrance Gibson or Iman Marshall would be the most likely "shocker" picks, though I don't anticipate either picks LSU.

National Signing Day Live Show

Like last year, SB Nation will be hosting a live broadcast analyzing all the goings on of signing day, hosted by Dan Rubenstein and co-hosted by Bud Elliott. You can find a live stream here:

Unlike last year, I will be making an appearance this go around! I'm set to be on air, live around 12:12 CST. So tune in and heckle me on Twitter.

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Final Predictions

I believe LSU will finish with all their current commits as well as Toby Weathersby, Leo Lewis and Derrick Dillon. There's a possibility for Brandon Martin, as well. That would thrust the Tigers up to the no. 2 current class, though they are unlikely to finish there. USC should finish big, and Alabama may add a couple commits as well. At any rate, LSU is looking at finishing in the top 5, and possibly as high as no. 2 again. Helluva finish for this staff.