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National Signing Day Bingo

Who doesn't love bingo, besides EVERYBODY...anyways, here's our own version of the game. Enjoy with friends while watching or listening to National Signing Day coverage. When you hear or see one of these little numbers, fill in your card and, we're all winners on National Signing Day. Don't worry about prizes.


  • Sorry, Mom! For the April Justin's, or other family members who just don't agree with their son/nephew/family member's college choice and want to make sure that you know it.
  • Mardi Gras Beads: Do they fit the occasion? I don't know. Kind of? Maybe? Either way, you can bet you'll see them at the signing ceremonies of one of LSU's recruits.
  • Fax Machine! Have you used one in the last 10 years? Of course not. But it has one day to shine every year and we'll all be damned if deny ol' Faxie that!
  • Wait, what hat is that? Alabama or Atlanta Braves? UCLA Bruins or Boston Red Sox? You may know what kind of hat you want, but that doesn't mean it's the actual hat of the team you're signing with.
  • Matchy Matchy: For the young fashionista that knows how to make sure his hat, his tie, his jacket, what have you, all match the color of the school he's choosing. This also applies if a recruit gives away his choice via outfit color.
  • Hi Lou Holtz! Look, one day he'll retire and you will...notice...I guess. Let him talk about how a great univershity like Noter Dame recruish ishelf.
  • Upside! Is he ready to play right now? Will he make you wait? Redshirt year? Will it all be worth it? WHAT'S THE UPSIDE MAN! Tom Lugenbill will be here to tell you which player has "by far...probably" the most upside.
  • Cute Baby! Jamal Adams was a trendsetter by using his daughter adorned with LSU colors last year. Who will follow along this year?
  • Laissez les bon temps rouler! ESPN has to have some sort of colloquial flair when they go live to LSU. Want to bet it's going to be this cliche?
  • UNDER. RATED. Was your recruit a five-star? No? WELL HE TOTES SHOULD HAVE BEEN. FOR REASONS.
  • University of...: The University of LSU was a popular one last year. Who's going to copy Leonard Fournette this year?
  • Signing Day Shocker: Pretty obvious -- did LSU pick up a surprise recruit? Did anybody else? There's a few ever year.
  • Toonces! Free space. Mark your square. Not every kid has the newest and most up-to-date logos on his LSU gear.
  • Legacy Recruit! Did his dad play at the school of his choice? His uncle? Grandpa? Is that why he was offered? YOU CAN'T PROVE THAT.
  • Tweet Commit: For the kid who would rather trade an audience of his peers in a high school gym or auditorium for an audience of thousands of people that will immediately unfollow him when he doesn't pick their school.
  • CAKE! Who doesn't love it? Especially when it's themed with your favorite college football team!
  • LSU! LSU! LSU! LSU! Big day ahead y'all...
  • Hi Mark May! ESPN's gotta give him something to do this offseason now that Burn Notice is off the air.
  • High Motor! Never stops running, that guy's motor. Hopefully if it ever does, he takes his car to an ASE certified mechanic.
  • For the Next Three Years...: For the recruit brazen enough to declare his entrance in the 2018 NFL Draft already.
  • I'll Be Getting My Degree From: Good on you kid.
  • Hat Trick! Ever the National Signing Day staple. Bonus if there's actually three hats involved.
  • Taking My Talents To...: Well, it's probably not South Beach. Unless the kid's signing with Miami I guess. Which I'm sure somebody still does.
  • Trademark Violation: Does the high school logo look a little familiar? Did they rip off a college football team's style guide? Hey you try and come up with an original logo for Tigers or Bulldogs or Eagles or Wildcats. They're just trying to avoid a lawsuit.
  • Coach On the Field: This will likely involve a high-motor player.