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Brandon Martin Signs with LSU

Receiver Brandon Martin announced his intent to attend LSU, and late in the afternoon the Tigers decided to accept his letter of intent.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas, Texas Wide receiver Brandon Martin, originally from Monroe, Louisiana but currently enrolled at Prime Prep in Dallas, took in LSU last weekend on an official visit and today he signed his letter of intent with the Tigers, flipping his previous commitment from Missouri.

Martin is an exceptionally talented receiver, but is a major grade risk, leaving Wossman High School in Monroe for Prime Prep, which hasn't had the best track record of getting credits past the NCAA Clearinghouse. As of now it's not expected that he will qualify, but LSU will take his letter of intent to hold a spot just in case he makes it in. If not, he will have to go the JUCO route. Martin is 6'4.5" and 200 pounds, so fits the profile of the bigger type of receivers that Adam Henry likes.

He's originally from Monroe, Louisiana, but moved to Dallas, TX for his senior season. He was elected to the Under Armour All-American Bowl.