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GAMETHREAD: McNeese State (11-5) @ LSU (15-1), 4:00pm, SECN+

Taco Bell Anderson 2: Electric Boogaloo

The game was moved up to 4:00 from 7:00  for reasons. LSU is coming in hot off an impressive weekend in Houston, beating the likes of Houston, Baylor, and Nebraska.

McNeese is off to a decent start, but the best team they've played is arguably Louisiana Tech, which is not saying much at all actually. Usually teams like McNeese spend the early parts of the season away from home playing big name teams, but not this time. But even still, the Cowboys got swept by Bradley and despite a .287 team batting average they don't put up a lot of runs.

The Pokes will run with Etham Stremmel (2-0, 3.45), and LSU will counter with Russell Reynolds (0-0, 7.71) TACO BELL ANDERSON BACK Y'ALL.

I'm gonna celebrate the only way I know how.