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2017 DT Tyler Shelvin Commits to LSU

Orgeron lands major 2017 commitment.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend, aa pair of talented DL descended upon Baton Rouge to take in the Tigers opening Spring Practice. 2016 recruit Rashard Lawrence (5 star) and 2017 recruit Tyler Shelvin both dropped in for what's being termed as an "About You" visit. The idea here is to get the staff a chance to spend a ton of one-on-one time with the families, extending a more personal touch than is generally afforded at LSU's big camp weekends. Similar visits for fellow stud recruits Ed Alexander, Briston Guidry, Glen Logan and Stephon Taylor are expected to follow later this month.

Today, Orgeron extended an offer to Shelvin, the nation's 4 ranked DT and 29th overall player in the nation for 2017. It didn't take long for Shelvin to pounce on the offer:

Orgeron has stated in a few interviews that one key to recruiting in this age is "early identification." Though Shelvin is already a nationally reknowed recruit, LSU has lost a couple players in recent years due to not initiating enough early contact with future recruits. Score one up for Orgeron's aggressiveness here.

What's Shelvin Bring to the Table?

At 6'2", 310 pounds, Shelvin already boasts college ready size. Keep in mind here you are watching Sophomore highlights. This kid still has two years of growing and maturing to do, including refining his technique.

Shelvin wears #72, which is fitting because he looks a lot like Tiger legend Glenn Dorsey out there. For a sophomore, I'm super impressed with his hand usage. He's very strong at keeping blockers at bay by using his hands to shuck them off. Most DL at this age rely solely on power/speed/size to win, but Shelvin actually flashes some advanced technique for a young kid. He plays all across the DL, both End and Tackle, primarily in an odd front. He's very strong at the point of attack, and rarely moved off his point, which is to be expected from a 15 year old man beast. He's a hustle player and will chase down plays beyond the LoS. I imagine Coach O loved that about him.

Now for the growing parts. His get off is super inconsistent. It's not that he lacks a quick first step, he just doesn't seem to time the snap or react very well. That will need to be improved as he faces off against bigger and stronger players. He does seem to flash quicks to win that way, but his quicks will be negated if he's not getting off the ball fast.

Otherwise, I don't see a lot of holes in his game. It will be interesting to see how much he grows. I doubt he's topped out at 6'2", 310, but he'll need to keep his weight in check. He looks tailor made for the 3-technique, but he's strong as an ox and could eventually wind up as a 5-tech or even a 1-tech.

Shelvin's commit is the second in the 2017 class, along with Dylan Moses, bringing LSU up to the no. 2 class nationally, and no. 1 in the SEC.