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And The Valley Projects Baseball: Week 5

We can get the band back together!

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Thank you for taking time the away from listening Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly to read this. I know that's what you're doing because you have excellent taste in music.

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The National Seeds

LSU, South Carolina, Florida, TCU, UCLA, Texas A&M, Florida State, USC

Half of the national seeds are from the SEC and LSU is at the top of that list, so I'm all about that bias this week. The only real turnover from last week is Virginia got completely scrubbed from the Top 8 after getting swept by Virginia Tech following a loss to Old Dominion mid-week.

Let's kick this off by #TalkinBoutTheNoles. Florida State swapped places with UCF after taking both of the midweek games from the Knights, 11-8 and 15-11. After that they took the series from Wake Forest. The Seminoles are not done with their gauntlet, as they play Florida in Gainesville Tuesday before going to Charlottesville for a series this weekend. A 3-2 record after that would be highly respectable.

LSU, South Carolina, Florida, and TCU kept their own and moved up with Virginia moving back. Florida has the aforementioned midweek with Florida State then go to Oxford for their turn to deal with Sikes Orvis.

The new kid on the block is Texas A&M, whom I could no long repress and ignore. Aggy is the lone perfect team in the nation and just swept Auburn, which is their most impressive win on the year. Take that as you will, but perfect is perfect. Part of me hopes they come into Baton Rouge undefeated so we can knock them of- [AGGIES FURIOUSLY DRAW SWORDS]

USC dropped a bit but not out of the Top 8 after dropping games to UCI and Washington State, while UCLA moved up after a 3-1 week.

The Hosts

Arizona State, UCF, Rice, Texas Tech, Illinois, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Virginia

I reallllllyyy hated keeping Arizona State out of a national seed, they certainly are deserving of one after taking a series from Oregon State and holding a 12-6 record. It doesn't hurt that their only series loss is to TCU, who thus far have carved themselves a nice foothold in the Top 8.

I've sang my praises of UCF enough in the past, and I still believe they are a good ballclub even after they dropped both games against Florida State. In the long run that will hurt them just as it does now since they have limited opportunities to make it up with their conference play.

Rice, Texas Tech, and Louisville all cling onto their regional hosting privilege, but Illinois is the new face in the crowd. I told y'all they were a team to look out for after they took a series from Oklahoma State and after much deliberation I pulled the trigger on the swap with Maryland.

Vanderbilt went a perfect 5-0 on the week, but the politics associated with having 5 teams from the SEC claiming a national seed was simply too much for me to bear in mind. So sorry Dores, you're the odd man out. Keep on chopping and eventually some other SEC team will find their exit [glares at Aggy].

Virginia went straight to back of the pack after going 0-4 against Old Dominion and Virginia Tech, a series that saw Brian O'Connor (of the Paul Mainieri coaching bloodline) get ejected for bowing up to a ump and suspended for 4 games. Virginia Tech is by no measure a bad team, they rode the wave of the sweep into my projections, but they are a team Virginia really has no business getting swept by.

The Rest Of The Field

LSU's regional retains Oklahoma State, but adds the added spice (sorry) of ULL, which, let's be honest, who doesn't want to have ULL in our regional. Also there's Long Island, who's just happy to be here man. Even still, the headline about LSU's regional is a team that's not even in the Baton Rouge Regional. I'm sure you all saw Stony Brook just chilling in Charlottesville Regional. Keep in mind that this is just for fun and the odds are probably more stacked against the Seawolves than they were in 2012. Also a little secret, at this point the AQ's are whatever team is on top of the conference standings after each week, so there is going to plenty of turnover there.

Miss State dropped a series to Alabama, so they're out of the clubhouse and will be for a while now, mainly because their out of conference slate was lolbad.

Don't look now, but my beloved bees are sitting are at a quietly good 14-5 and already have conference series wins against Notre Dame (in) and Duke. An Atlanta Regional could be a thing by this time next week following a game against Kennesaw State and UNC.

I dropped Oregon State following their series loss against Arizona State and it will take a while for them to build their credit back up.

Which brings me to the Regional Of Death Of The Week. This week's Murder's Row is in Nashville, where Vanderbilt, Texas, and Notre Dame (also Lipscomb too I guess) all go after each other for the chance to play South Carolina or Nevada. Vandy is the favorite to win the regional, but man will their mettle be tested before moving on.

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