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GAMETHREAD: LSU (18-2) @ Southern (3-10), 6 p.m, CST

The only game I'll feel bad about winning.

A man and his well-earned locker room
A man and his well-earned locker room
via @roger_cador

This is going to be a little different of a gamethread writeup, because I like Roger Cador and hold a lot of respect for him. This is his 30th year coaching at Southern, holding a 850-488-1 record (.635%) and he holds many distinctions, such as

  • 14 SWAC Coach Of The Year Awards
  • 14 SWAC Championships
  • 8 NCAA Tournament berths
  • 1st HBCU head coach to win an NCAA Tournament game
  • Member of an MLB task force assigned to increase African American participation in baseball

And not to mention he is Southern baseball. Most of my respect for the man is he could probably be coaching anywhere else in the nation. But he's loyal to his alma mater and it goes beyond that. Hell, it took him 29 years to even get a locker room. I'm not sure how to say this without saying "he deserves better than Southern", but there's some truth in saying it that way. Yet he's always stood by Southern and did more than he should have to do to keep the program afloat.

For all intents and purposes, he is the Eddie Robinson of baseball.

So yes, right now Southern baseball is not exactly great and this should be an easy win for LSU, but I don't think Mainieri and LSU are playing this game at Lee Hines (for those curious, the last time LSU played at Southern was 2008) out of pity. I know we hear this a lot, but when Paul says he has a lot of respect for Cador, I really do believe it. And playing this game at Lee Hines is Paul's way at tipping his cap at somebody who deserves it.

The Tigers will start Russell Reynolds (1-0, 5.40) and the Jaguars will start Tyler Robinson (0-0, 4.61).