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VOTE NOW: ATVS Writer's Bracket of Doom

Pick your favorite writer on ATVS. Or at least the least bad one.


Poseur's analysis of the top ten seeds


PROS: Runs this place and can fire any of us on a whim. He is handsome, loving, and kind to animals. I would also like a raise.

CONS: Only writes GameThreads, so come on, pretty lazy. Those pants. Oh my God, those pants.

2 Billy Gomila

PROS: Can cook something delicious, select a proper beer pairing, and then break down the play-calling and tactical acumen of any coach on staff.

CONS: Likes wrestling way too much for an adult, gets in the occasional blood feud with our readers which results in the boss man having to bail him out of jail.

3 Poseur

PROS: His liver, an encyclopedic knowledge of American independent film and music, and the proud founder of Delusional Optimism. Has been the centerpiece of our gym and baseball coverage for the past few years.

CONS: Is hoping that no one notices he has no actual knowledge of strategy, tactics, or recruiting. Spends most of his time trying to derail productive conversations that are on topic. Our gym and baseball coverage stunk until crabshire and Dr. Awesome showed up.

4 Paul Crewe

PROS: Superb photoshop and gif skills. The go to source for recruiting knowledge and also a terrific X and O resource. Willing to stake out any unpopular opinion on any topic.

CONS: Can't choose an identity, and that's pretty sketchy. Lives in Chicago, making him a Yankee. Also, hates Jarvis Landry, great LSU wins, and pretty much every LSU quarterback. Apparently, he also kicks puppies.

5 Crabshire

PROS: Knows more about #squeakyfouls than the rest of the blog put together. Writes baseball columns that are actually about the baseball team.

CONS: Likely has contracted #SECBasketballFever. Do not approach.

6 Zrau

PROS: Band geek. Brisket. Really, all of the smoked meats, but mainly the brisket.

CONS: Band geek.

7 Cody

PROS: Provides honest to God news coverage, so unlike the rest of us, he's not just talking out of his rear end.

CONS: Screwed up the DBU video. Never forget.

8 Dr. Awesome

PROS: Writes weekend baseball previews now with honest to God content!

CONS: Come on, you miss Poseur's super goofy asides that literally had nothing to do with the games.

9 Jake

PROS: Has taken over the unenviable task of assembling the link gumbo. Fights with Paul a lot, and that's pretty funny.

CONS: Writes for the Maryland blog about lacrosse so he is a dirty, dirty traitor. Tweets way too much.

10 Watson Tiger

PROS: Staff photographer! He also projects the baseball tournament field every week, a task that even Don Quixote would scoff at as impractical.

CONS:  21 total posts in ATVS history. That lacks chest.


Here's your opening round polls: