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VOTE NOW: ATVS Writer's Bracket of Doom Round 2

Which ATVS Writer will survive!?

Matt and CDub moved on, taking down two of the newest ATVS staffers. We're into the Elite 8 and the top 4 seeds are dusting off the film in preparation of potential opponents.


Billy's Notes on the Matchups:

Jake vs. dr.Awesome: Jake isn't even old enough to celebrate this with a beer yet, and the other isn't even a real doctor.

Matt vs. Crabshire: Matt is a damn ULL fan, so keep that in mind. If Crabshire wins, we'll have to tell the world his feelings on Eric Reid, and Penny can't handle that.

Watsontiger vs. Cody: one's from Texas and the other is from Livingston Parish. It would take The Wisdom of Solomon to decide which is worse.

Cdub vs. zrau: We can't even get cdub to join twitter. On the other hand, zrau is a lightweight after like, two beers.


Jake vs. Dr. Awesome

Matt vs. Crabshire

WatsonTiger vs. Cody

CDub vs. Zrau

Gets your votes in now!