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LSU Pro Day Preview

What do our guys need to do in order to raise their draft stock? DO GOOD THINGS.

Crystal Logiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The LSU Pro Day will be held on Friday starting at 10:30 a.m. and will be shown live on the SEC Network starting at Noon.

Yours truly will be there covering the event for ATVS and will be giving updates via my twitter (@CMBellaire) as the numbers and measurements come flying in.

With that being said, here is the list of players according


NFL Combine
6-1/227 lbs. 30.25"/9.25" 4.55 24 4.20/-- 7.14 121.0" 36.0"

NFL Combine
6-1/203 lbs. 32.125"/9.375" 4.48 -- 4.27/11.32 6.77 124.0" 36.0"

NFL Combine
6-4/305 lbs. 33.25"/10.375" 5.12 21 4.63/-- 7.70 108.0" 27.0"

NFL Combine
6-0/226 lbs. 31.25"/9.25" 4.83 -- 4.40/-- 7.17 111.0" 27.0"

NFL Combine
6-5/252 lbs. 34.25"/10.5" 4.57 25 -- -- -- --

NFL Combine
5-8/213 lbs. 30.0"/9.0" -- 22 4.37/-- 7.52 115.0" 37.0"
Former Players Working Out at 2015 Pro Day
Last played in 2013
Last played in 2013
Last played in 2011
Last played in 2012

According to this list there will be 23 players working out, four of which who were not on this past year's team.

I know the list has Jalen Collins name on it, but he will not be participating since he recently had foot surgery. He is the only one that I am positive will not participate in the drills tomorrow. I imagine they will list the participants tomorrow so if there are any changes I will let you guys know.

Now let's take a look at what to expect for tomorrow.


Six total players participated in the NFL Combine so they will be looking to improve their performances during tomorrow's workouts. Obviously Jalen Collins will not be one of them due to his injury so here is how things are looking.

At running back we have Kenny Hilliard and Terrence Magee. These two are not exactly at the top of the pecking order when it comes to running back talent in this year's draft, so a good performance tomorrow would really help them out when it comes to raising their draft stock.

For Magee, tomorrow is all about solidifying what makes him the running back that you see on film. He is a quick scat back with good hands and playmaking ability. He is elusive and likes to make guys miss, so he needs to show he has reliable hands during the drills and really needs to improve on his 3-cone and 20-yard shuttle times. Magee would also benefit from a low 40 time; looking at a number around 4.49-4.56. If he can crack a time under 4.5 that would be huge for him.

Hilliard on the other hand really needs to kill these workouts and drills. Magee benefited from playing extremely well at the East West Shrine Game. Hilliard's name has not really been brought up too many times when it comes to late round draft picks. If he does not put up good numbers at this workout tomorrow he is looking at UDFA status at best.

The only other offensive player that participated in the combine from LSU was La'el Collins and he CRUSHED it. This Pro Day for Collins is going to be fun for him, I think. Essentially, he has already proven his worth at the combine with his workouts, drills and interviews. This makes his workout tomorrow so much more relaxing. He does not have to be under the pressure of improving his numbers or impressing any more people. He has already done all that and just needs to go out and do his thing in front of another crowd. He is a lock for the top-15 in this draft and will perform well tomorrow.

Now on the defensive side of the ball we have a couple guys that could really make themselves a good chunk of money with some super performances tomorrow.

Kwon Alexander put on one hell of a performance at the combine finishing in the top 12 out of the linebackers on every workout he participated in including the second fastest 40 out of that linebacker group. He really needs to show how technical he is during the drills because he could be the top true 43 WLB in this draft. All he has to do is show he is technically sound in his pursuit and cover skills and he will solidify that spot.

So now let's talk about Danielle Hunter. For those of you that are not aware already (which I don't know how you have managed to do that, congrats), I STRONGLY disagreed with his decision to come out this year. In a loaded position class and relatively deep free agent group he decided to enter the draft early. I wish him the best of luck, but man oh man it made me real sad when I heard he declared. Anyways, Hunter needs to show he has technical skills in both the run and pass game. His technique has been his biggest knock because he is an athletic freak that would honestly be in the top five edge rusher discussion if he were to develop any sort of pass-rush skills. He has to show the scouts tomorrow that he can set the edge and use multiple moves when rushing the passer. His athleticism is his obvious turn on, but it's the technique that makes him slide down draft boards.


I won't put a lot of emphasis on these guys because frankly, majority of them will not get drafted or make a roster in general. But I will spotlight a few guys that could raise their stock and become late round picks or UDFA's.

The first will be Jermauria Rascoe. He is easily the highest rated non-combine participant for LSU. In a loaded defensive end class, Rascoe is definitely at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to pro-ready talent. But I think he is so technically sound and is so solid at setting the edge in the run that a team will be willing to take a chance on him. His biggest downfall is his athleticism and strength. He doesn't blow by tackles and he isn't strong enough to bull rush guys, but he is very smart about the way he rushes the passer because he understands how to beat them in multiple ways. If he puts up good numbers and shows his technical skills tomorrow he could be a late round steal.

Second on the list is Connor Neighbors. He is one of the highest rated fullbacks in this years draft. The thing he will need to show scouts he can do is catch the ball with ease. Fullbacks are asked to do a lot more than blow up holes these days since they are being utilized more in the passing game. If he can show that he doesn't fight the football and can still unleash hell in the running game he will find a spot in the NFL.

A few more guys that could help themselves out are Elliot Porter, Ronald Martin and DJ Welter. All of these guys need to put up good numbers during workouts. Martin in particular could sneak onto a draft board with a great performance tomorrow due to such a weak safety class this year. Welter is going to have to show he can perform well in coverage and test well in the 3-cone and shuttle because his biggest downfall is his athleticism. He has stiff hips and needs to figure out how to get loose. Porter has to have a hell of a performance if he wants to be drafted because there are a lot of small school linemen in this draft that he could leap with a good all-around showing tomorrow.

I am really looking forward to seeing our guys compete and show off their talents tomorrow. Remember, I will be tweeting updates throughout the day, and we'll the full event later as the results come out. Good luck to our future NFL Tigers.