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GAMETHREAD: Grambling State (2-8) @ LSU (11-1), 3:00pm, SECN+

Weekday baseball. Like we're the friggin Cubs.

See? Midweek games CAN be fun!

Bouman got the start (like I've been calling for) but Taco Bell Anderson was able to carry LSU to a comfortable 8-1 win over a lesser opponent. And guess what? Today will likely be more of the same, and if I had to guess, it will be Norman (0-1, 5.00) getting on the bump tonight.

Grambling is...terribad. Miserable. Their only wins are against the great Wiley College of Texas and Southern. They're batting .255 as a team and sport a nice little 9.91 team ERA, which puts them at 281st out of 301 D1 baseball programs. A starter has yet to be named, but Coleman McKinney (1-3) appears to be their go-to weekday starter.

Go in, take care of business, get out, and hit the road for Houston. Seems simple enough right?