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LSU Football Concept Uniforms

It's concept uniform time here at And the Valley Shook. If you aren't familiar with the fad, every so often a design firm or independent designer will toss out some uniform mock ups for a branding re-design. Here at ATVS, I decided to put my design expertise to use to come up with a few ideas of my own. Keep in mind, I'm not a professional designer, but I did spend a lot of time on this project, tweaking and making sure it looked as good as I could get it. A lot of concept unis miss the mark when they stray too far from a school's classic design. I aimed to preserve as much LSU history as possible, but to give it a fresh coat of paint that will hopefully satisfy both diehard uniform classicists and the group I will affectionately dub "Oregon obsessed non Oregonians."

Please give me any thoughts and feedback you may have. Thank you.

Here is my concept for the NEW LSU helmet. I upgraded the Tiger, but stuck with the LSU Geaux font we all know and love so well.


Now, let's take a look at a uniform:


Now, this one was my first pass at it. Gold pants, because duh, LSU history. I think adding LSU's iconic phrase "GO TIGERS!" really helps bring us back to the school's history in a unique way. So I decided to try again:


These are MUCH better. I like the sleek look, and putting "GO TIGERS" on the leg really is in right now. For the purple, I really listened to what the fans want and brought back the purple pants. I spiced them up with yellow padding and a vicious Tiger on the leg to intimidate the competition. I left the helmets plain. Hear me out. I always thought teams like Penn State had a much better look than LSU. The stripe and the Tiger head, it's just all too busy. So I made it sleek and simple. This new design will be considered a classic in no time.

I also made a metallic version, because that seems to be "in" right now. I'm not a huge fan of metallic looks, personally. Give me good old LSU purple and yellow, you know?


I think the away one has potential, because all the Tiger logos send a clear message of who you are playing. I included "Tigers" in Geaux-styled font on the home jersey, because people like stuff like that.

Finally, and I'm not a huge fan of this, but people LOVE the black uniforms, so I did an LSU Black concept:


I feel like I really nailed the helmet. If anyone can put me in touch with TAF or whoever is in charge with uniform decisions, that'd be really appreciated. I think this shift in look will really take LSU football into the next millennium.

I also designed another Tiger logo that I think looks great on Tshirts:


The shirts are just $19.99 a piece, but have to be bought in packs of 264.

Please give me your feedback below. Remember, I worked really hard on these.

Update: New Tiger Eye Helmet Concept!


University of LSU Helmets: