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GAMETHREAD: Lamar (17-18) @ LSU (31-6), 6:30 PM, SECN+

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LSU looks to lock up the Southland Conference regular season title in the penultimate conference game.

My my my, where has the time gone? We've already hit the penultimate (that's a college word for second to last, it makes feel better about myself) game of the Southland season in LSU's double conference year. While LSU may not beat out A&M for the SEC, they are in the driver's seat for the Southland.

FUN FACT: In a rarity for any matchup, much less a non-power conference one, Lamar actually leads LSU in the all-time series 5-4. Even more interesting is that LSU has won the past 4 games in the series. Which means that Lamar at one time was 5-0 against LSU. Weird.

LSU will try to even the series with Kyle Bouman (0-1, 7.53) and Lamar will counter with Billy Love (0-0, 2.25), who has pitched four whole innings all year. Methinks we'll see Lamar try to go Taco Bell Anderson against the team good ole TBA actually plays for.