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LSU Spring Game Visitors List

There is more to this weekend than just a scrimmage

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With the spring game comes the end of practice until they lace them back up in the summer. The event is also a time for the coaches to bring in as many of the top recruits they can, and without fail, this staff has done just that.  I could spend more time leading in to the good portion of the article, but I'll just get right into it.

Almost All Commits On Deck

On days like this, it is paramount for commits to make it onto campus in order to help the staff out in enticing all the recruits to make sure they come back to Baton Rouge and a lot longer.  Only one commit from the 2016 and 2017 classes will be absent but there is no need to worry there. Feleipe Franks will be staying in Florida to attend his brother's spring game, but Franks is as solid with LSU and won't be visiting another college so there is no fear there.  However, the other nine commits will be in attendance, even one possibly bringing a big guest (which you will see soon). Anytime you can get two guys like Dylan Moses and Saivion Smith on campus, who have become two of the biggest ambassadors for the team, it goes a long way

The Out-of-State Presence Will Be Felt

LSU has always infiltrated the states of Florida and Texas, and this year appears to be no different. With one five-star commit already from both of the states (I do understand Dee Anderson is a four-star but that won't last), that infiltration has started early.  While Anderson may have a quieter personality (at least between the two), Smith has his mind set on making this a memorable class. As of now, Smith is planning on bringing five-star IMG Academy teammate and defensive end Shavar Manuel. To get him on campus and in the targets of Ed Orgeron would be a huge thing, especially with the importance of d-line recruits for the 2016 class.

While those two may be the only two coming in from Florida, Anderson will be one of many coming from the Lone Star State  Planning to join him will be five-star safety Eric Monroe (who was wearing LSU shorts at the Dallas Opening event), four-star defensive end Erick Fowler, four-star outside linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch, three-star outside linebacker Jordan Carmouche, and four-star inside linebacker Dontavious Jackson could attend. A Tennessee presence could even be felt if 4-star defensive end Emmit Gooden makes the trip down to Baton Rouge.

Two notable names that are absent are cornerback Trayvon Mullen and linebacker Keion Joyner. Like some of the in-state recruits, Mullen will be staying home to take the ACT as they won't have much time to do so once football season gets underway. Joyner, who had been reported as visiting, is now expected to be a no show. With both of them, it becomes scary the longer they are away from Baton Rouge, the more teams like Florida State can make a stronghold for them.

The Boot Will Be Strong

Along with the in-state commits in attendance, the Boot will be represented this weekend. Players like offensive lineman Willie Allen, defensive tackles Ed Alexander and Glen Logan, linebacker Mike Divinity and cornerbacks Kristian Fulton and Greedy Williams headline the list of in-state visitors. They obviously aren't the only ones that will be there but are some of the biggest targets that will be there.  The staff will be hosting likely over 50 recruits on the weekend so they will be busy and unfortunately don't have enough time in the weekend to give everyone their due diligence.

Like the out of state recruits, there will be some absentees from the in-state kids as well. A group of Devin White, Shyheim Carter, Rashad Lawrence and Mykel Jones will be in Alabama this weekend.  Devin White will be a battle for Frank Wilson, but it sure is great to have a guy like him leading the charge. Lawrence has become the primary focus of Coach O and I would imagine he doesn't want to start his LSU tenure on a sour note and will be sure to put a full effort on Lawrence to make sure he doesn't leave Louisiana.

All in all, it will be a huge recruiting weekend for LSU even if inclement weather sends the spring game indoors. With an elite recruiting staff and a bevy of top recruits in attendance, there will be the push to make this 2016 class one of the best LSU has seen, along with looking to the future with the 2017 class. Could we get a commitment or two? Of course, but this will be more about putting LSU's best foot forward, setting themselves as the leader for a number of these recruits and letting them know they could be a part of something very special.