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LSU Establishes Fund to Support Nick Brossette and Family

Nick Brossette's older brother Mendel Esnault tragically passed away and LSU established a fund to help ease their financial burdens.

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Some sad news here from

The Brossette Family Fund has been established by LSU to assist Nick Brossette’s family with essential living expenses due to the unexpected death of his older brother Mendel Esnault.

Brossette's brother was the primary provider for the family, which leaves them income-less all while their mother battles cancer.

The loss of a family member is always an exceptional burden to bear, not to mention doing so while your mother is battling a life-threatening disease. It's often so easy for us to forget these highly ranked recruits, and athletes already on campus, are flesh and blood human beings just like the rest of us. These should be the greatest days of Brossette's life as he finishes up high school and prepares to take the next step in pursuing his athletic career, and now he's saddled with some of the most difficult of human trials.

In case you were concerned, yes this is permissible by NCAA Guidelines.

Keep the Brossette family in your thoughts and prayers. If you'd like to support Brossette and his family, you can do so here.