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GAMETHREAD: Alcorn State (11-36) vs. LSU (37-7), 6:30 pm, SECN+

Foul poles? Where we're going, we won't need foul poles.

Temp Foul Poles being installed
Temp Foul Poles being installed
Charles Hanagriff

In what's actually kind of a surprise, LSU will still play Alcorn State after the foul poles (among other objects) were destroyed in Monday's storm. As glorious leader points out below, that may have actually not been a bad thing.

I'm inclined to agree with him, Alcorn State is not only not an actual state, but they also are not a Southland team. This could be a chance to pad our lead in the Southland conference standings, but here we are playing an absolutely abysmal team for our last home midweek game.

And when I say they are bad, I mean they are baaaaaad. Alcorn State has yet to win a single series all year. That's bad. The Braves have 5 pitchers with an ERA in the double digits and 6 players at or below the Mendoza Line, minimum 20 ABs.

LSU is the best team in the country, but to give you a sense of how utterly outclassed ASU is, LSU has a 2.87 team ERA, dwarfed by Alcorn State's 7.09. LSU's is batting .320 as a team, and that's after playing the best bullpen in the country. Alcorn is swinging .248.

LSU will throw Kyle Bouman (1-1, 5.75) and Alcorn will counter with Jonathon Morales (0-4, 6.94) [6.9, nice].

Come out to the game to enjoy the last home midweek and to worship at the altar of LSU's brand new foul poles!