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Midweek Recap: LSU Downs Alcorn State, 6-1

LSU managed to pull the team together in a weather worn Alex Box for one last midweek home game against the Fighting Tree Nuts and their merry band of knuckle ballers. It got a little weird when that dude threw a 56 mph pitch, but the Tigers handled it well. Oh, and LSU has to buy a new tarp. #RIPTarp

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

It was the last home midweek game of the regular season, and not much happened in the 6-1 victory that we didn't already expect.

We know that the bullpen can be dominant, if rotated properly. We know the Tigers can string together hits when needed. And we know that junk ball pitchers can have success against LSU.

We didn't know that success would be traveling in the lower 60s, but good on Alcorn for working with what they've got.


Seven pitchers and they only gave up two hits to the same guy. Alcorn right fielder Scotty Peavey, who should just go by Scott, would single off of Kyle Bouman in the first and be caught stealing shortly after at second by Michael Papierski. Peavey would also score the only run for Alcorn in the eighth with a solo homer off of a first pitch by Alden Cartwright.

Despite Bouman pitching three scoreless innings, the win went to his immediate reliever, Doug Norman, who just so happened to be around when the Tiger bats came alive. After Bouman's three, every LSU reliever would pitch one full inning. Each pitcher would also contribute at least one K to the collective 12 strikeout total on the night.

Stallings would face the minimum in his single inning closing, in part due to a 6-3 double play that erased a leadoff walk. Despite still having the best velocity on the team, Stallings seems to be struggling a bit with his command late in the season. That's not the best sign as we inch toward tournament play.

Overall, the best way to describe the ensemble performance on the mound would be quietly dominant, but that is to be expected against an RPI 209 team.


Six runs on nine hits, with Bregman once again getting things started. It wasn't until the fourth inning that LSU would be able to find grass with a double against a pitcher that consciously refused to exceed 70 miles an hour. We knew junk ball pitchers gave the LSU lineup fits, but this was a little ridiculous. I'm thinking a little BP with wiffle balls might be in order.

Despite the struggles, LSU was able to capitalize off the Bregman double and subsequent stolen base with a Hale ground out to third. Three batters later, Danny Zardon would knock in Chinea and Stevenson, giving the Tigers their first three-run inning.

Chinea and Stevenson would get on base again in the eighth, as LSU was nursing a late two run lead. Zardon, Grayson Byrd, and Jake Fraley each delivered an RBI before the inning was over on a fly-out, double, and single respectively.

Alcorn would throw six pitchers in total, with only two or three breaking 80 mph. Considering the general lull we've seen in midweeks so far this season, the response by LSU really wasn't too surprising. It has been nice to see Danny Zardon take advantage of the at bats he's gotten lately though. I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up more as we steam toward the postseason.


Limiting an opponent to two hits keeps things relatively quiet on defense, but there were a few notable events. Papierski was 1-2 on throwdowns at second, and Bregman committed a rare fielding error. And when pitching isn't exactly lights out in late innings, it's nice to have a double play feel routine


LSU travels to the East Mississippi Cow College for another Thursday-Saturday series. All three will be televised, with the first two coming on ESPNU and the third on ESPN2. First pitch is at 6:30, and it looks like weather will cooperate, so hopefully LSU will be able to get back to civilization quickly.