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2018 Athlete Justin Watkins Commits To LSU

Justin Watkins brings the 2018 LSU class to two, both coming out of state

Raymond lands another big-time South Florida athlete.
Raymond lands another big-time South Florida athlete.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Raymond is at it again.  On his recent recruiting trip through Florida, Raymond made a stop at North Marion High School, home to 2018 athlete Justin Watkins.  Justin, who had offers from the likes of Florida, Miami and Georgia, never wavered from his dream of playing at LSU since he grew up a fan of the Tigers of Baton Rouge, along with his mom having dreams of her son graduating in the purple and gold.  So when Raymond extended an official offer to Watkins earlier today, he wasted little time in jumping on it, making his commitment official.  While we have a ways to go before he dons that purple and gold his mom dreams about, it's safe to say he is a stud in the making, whichever side of the ball he plays on.

What LSU Is Getting

Watkins played a variety of positions in his freshman season, from running back and wide receiver on offense to safety on defense.  There's plenty of time to figure out which side he will play on and just because Raymond offered doesn't necessarily mean he will be under Raymond's wing at LSU.  Make no mistake about it, the kid easily has top-100 talent already and can still fill out more.

The first thing that jumps out to me is the kid's vision.  For someone of his age to read what the defense is presenting him and making on-the-fly changes like he does is a very impressive trait.  His ability to make defenders miss is also a solid trait and he doesn't appear to lose much speed when he does make a juke.  He has good speed and can add a little more once he fills out his smaller 6'0" 165 pound frame.  There is also the chance he can hit another growth spurt as well so there is still a lot of intrigue left with this kid.

What This Means For LSU

With two top-30 commits for 2017 and two likely top-100 commits in 2018, LSU isn't just focusing on 2016, making sure they put on a full-force effort to out-recruit anyone that comes in their way.  With both of the 2018 commits coming from out of state is also a very nice thing to see and it's two kids that appear to have no intentions of making things interesting once their time comes.  The attack on Florida from Corey Raymond has been nothing short of astonishing and this just adds to his resume, putting the major colleges in the peninsula on high alert.