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GAMETHREAD: LSU (43-8) @ UNO (14-36), 6:30, Cox Sports

LSU travels to New Orleans for the return leg of the Blake Dean Classic #awaygoals

THE LSU career sac fly leader
THE LSU career sac fly leader
Elsa/Getty Images

LSU has already locked up the Southland Conference regular season championship, but for kicks let's look at the standings anyway:

As you can see, UNO was not good when LSU beat then 11-2 on April 7th and they still are not good. Even still, the Privateers will start Kevin Kelleher (2-8, 3.80) who started the game in Baton Rouge and lasted 2 whole innings before giving up a run off of 2 hits and getting the hook. Hunter Devall (1-0. 4.00) gets his first start, but with the quick turnaround to Columbia (and then to Hoover), expect Taco Bell Anderson to get some work tonight.