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The Ultimate Tailgating Bracket Round 1, Barbecue/Grilling Region: (2) Brisket vs. (15) Smoked Turkey

The first battle of smoked meats.

Dan Davis

Barbecue, and/or grilling, is a little more typical in the Southern and/or Western states in terms of straight-up tailgating. And every region does it its own way, whether we're talking Texas Style, Carolina, what have you.

It's a little more involved -- you'll need the day/night before for most long-term smokes. But it's always worth it, right?

And lord knows everybody can agree that it's all great, right? Especially on the internet!

No. 2 Brisket

The champagne of smoked meats? A trimmed, delicious, Texas-style smoked brisket is pretty damn tough to beat. It's a little on the pricey side for barbecue, but don't act like you wouldn't do the happy dance if zrau said he was bringing some to your tailgate.

No. 15 Smoked Turkey

It may not have the pizzaz of brisket or pork, but a good smoked bird, or even a breast you plan on carving up for sandwiches, will always draw compliments. Plus you can pretend to be the Lord of your Tailgating Manor munching on one of those giant smoked turkey drumsticks.