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The Ultimate Tailgating Bracket Round 1, Appetizers/Snacks Region: (4) Guacamole vs. (13) Pimento Cheese

What’s a tailgate without proper appetizers and side-dishes?

Dan Davis

You can almost make the argument that at most tailgates the snacks, side-dishes and appetizers are the real stars of the show. Oh sure, you're going to enjoy whatever comes out of the black pot or deep fryer or grill, but the real damage to your diet is going to come from the constant grazing on chips, dips, and various stuffed items.

How could we ever ignore all of it?

No. 4 Guacamole

Good, fresh, home-made guacamole is an underrated gem. Avocado, lime, and from there, just use your imagination.

No. 13 Pimento Cheese

Not a fan myself, but it's a party staple across the south. And what is a tailgate if not one hell of a party. Use it as a dip, or go straight to sandwich spread. Nobody's going to complain either way.