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The Ultimate Tailgating Bracket Round 1, Appetizers/Snacks Region: (5) Salsa vs. (12) Oreo Balls

Another ubiquitous snack offering versus one of our only dessert entries.

Dan Davis

No. 5 Salsa

Much like guac, the home-made stuff is just really underrated. And chances are if you have chips at a tailgate, you have SOME variety of this stuff on hand. Not saying that that consensus has to rule here, but at the same time it's EVERYWHERE for a reason, too.

No. 12 Oreo Balls

Since their inclusion was by his demand, I'm going to let WatsonTiger offer the following defense:

Oreo balls are grossly under-seeded as a 12 seed. Point blank. Let's face it, most of the cooking at a tailgate is performed by men. Oreo balls are a chance for women to contribute to the spread, and contribute heavily. Men can make Oreo balls too, but it's almost never as good. Some things simply require a woman's touch. And people, especially when drunk, inhale Oreo balls, because they are amazing.

I was first introduced to these little round crack pills my junior year of high school when the cheerleaders started making them for the varsity football team. After the first time I made an arrangement to have them before every one of my football and baseball games. When my birthday (which is today, it me the birthday boy) rolls around and my female friends ask what I want, the default response is "Oreo balls".

The only people not voting for Oreo balls are people who have not had Oreo balls.