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The Ultimate Tailgating Bracket Round 1, Black Pot Region: (3) Red Beans & Rice vs. (14) Redfish Courtbouillion

A Cajun classic versus a Creole delicacy.

Dan Davis

No. 3 Red Beans & Rice

I don't even need to say much here, because seriously -- RED BEANS AND RICE. I mean you can even just go pick up a couple large tubs of it from Popeyes and people will still be like "HELL YEAH." And if you're cooking, you just throw everything in a pot and boil it for a few hours. It doesn't get much easier, although it is one of the more time-consuming dishes if we're talking about an early kickoff.

No. 14 Redfish Courtbouillion

A delicious red gravy over rice, with hunks of the ultimate Louisiana game fish. Tremendous in cold weather.