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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Appetizers/Snacks Region: (7) Stuffed Artichoke vs. (10) Nacho Cheese Doritos

One of my personal tailgating staples, versus another classic snack of college kids everywhere.

Dan Davis

No. 7 Stuffed Artichoke

Take an artichoke and stuff that sucker to the gills with bread crumbs, garlic and cheese. Pick and ENJOY. You will not only find this at virtually every one of my family's tailgates, it's seldom missed any sort of party. They're always best when you can warm them slightly in the microwave, but nobody's going to care if it's slightly cool or room temperature.

No. 10 Nacho Cheese Doritos

The single most ubiquitous form of Dorito, and probably the best-selling chip on any college campus at any given time. Personally, I think Cool Ranch is better, but chances are somebody is showing up at your tailgate with a bag of these, and nobody will ever complain.

Never forget you, Ali.