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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Black Pot Region: (4) Pastalaya vs. (13) Chicken Stew

A tailgating original versus quality South Louisiana comfort food.

Dan Davis

No. 4 Pastalaya

I don't know who thought to take jambalaya meat and seasoning, and just replace the rice with pasta, but they were a very smart person. It gives you a nice change-up from the norm, with some interesting choices for variation. More ways to make it your own.

Pastalaya 5

No. 13 Chicken Stew

First you make a roux, cook down your vegetables, add some liquid and throw in some chicken. I prefer to marinate it a bit first for some extra flavor, some prefer to use whole chicken pieces, bones and everything. Either way, on a cold day it's tough to find better warm, filling comfort food.

Finished Stew