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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Barbecue/Grilling Region: Brats/Smoked Sausage vs. Beef Ribs

Once again venturing outside of the LSU norm, versus one of the more underrated barbecue mediums.

Dan Davis

No. 6 Brats/Smoked Sausage

I don't know a lot of people that do bratwurst at a tailgate, but I'm willing to bet the folks that head up to Wisconsin next year will see it. Whether you're poaching the sausage in beer first, or just throwing it on the grill, it's always welcome. Down here you're more likely to get some quality sausage, or maybe some real andouille if you're feeling particularly gigi.

No. 11 Beef Ribs

They seem to lag behind their porcine brothers in popularity, but I gotta tell ya, I love a good smoked beef rib. Nice and big and tender, with a good quality dry rub. I find the flavor of the beef gives you a little more leeway to try some more exotic flavors in the rub as well.