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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Deep-Fried Region: (7) Fried Turkey vs. (10) Chicken Wings

The bracket’s first battle of the birds.

Dan Davis

No. 7 Fried Turkey

This obviously works closer to Thanksgiving, but either way there's always the great visual of lowering a huge, giant entire turkey into a vat of hot grease and just frying it whole. Even doing it without the grease offers some tradeoffs, but is nonetheless awesome. It can be a little difficult to deal with carving on location, but that's why you plan.

No. 10 Chicken Wings

One of the perfect fried tailgating foods for bringing compactness to the table. Not hard to eat a wing with one hand. In terms of frying, it's clearly the superior portion of the chicken. And when you factor in sauces, whether you go with straight buffalo style or get creative, it's something that's hard to screw up.