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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Appetizers/Snacks Region: (8) Zapp's Cajun Crawtators vs. (9) Cool Ranch Doritos

Louisiana’s finest chip versus one of the nation’s best. WHO WILL SURVIVE?

Dan Davis


No. 8 Zapp's Spicy Cajun Crawtators

Other people believe there are better varieties from the Zapp's line. These people are wrong. Oh sure, it's pretty damn hard to go wrong with any of Zapp's krew, but nothing is as unique or as special as the Crawtators. THE MAGICAL DUST ALONE EVOKES SPRINGTIME AND CRAWFISH BOILS AND RAINBOWS AND PUPPIES.

There is one potato chip god and Ronald Zappe was his prophet.

No. 9 Cool Ranch Doritos

If I may be frank for a minute (Note: Frank is Dan's third persona. Only comes out after two shots.), Cool Ranch are the superior brand of Doritos here, and if Doritos aren't the finest of our tortilla chip varieties, they are certainly the most omnipresent. If you've been to a party, tailgate or otherwise, that didn't have Doritos, it probably wasn't a very good party.