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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Black Pot Region: (6) Crawfish Etouffee vs. (11) Shrimp & Grits

A Creole or Cajun OG versus an East Coast delight we’ve made our own.

Dan Davis

No. 6 Crawfish Etouffee

This one is almost a classic to the point of cliché. Still, it has its status for a reason, and if somebody tells you they're bringing this or planning on cooking it, you damn sure ain't complaining. Perfect outlet for some leftover tails from a spring boil that you tucked in the back of your freezer.

No. 11 Shrimp & Grits

Sauté some onions and peppers, maybe a little andouille, make yourself a nice rich sauce, throw in some shrimp and cook, then pour the whole thing over some grits. Yeah, it's more of a Carolina thing but I don't think anybody's ever complaining about it at a Louisiana tailgate either.