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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Appetizers/Snacks Region: (1) Stuffed Jalapenos vs. (16) Humus

A top seed, one of the great tailgating snack delicacies, goes up against another basic.

Billy Gomila

No. 1 Stuffed Jalapenos

If you've ever had ‘em, you know full well why this was the top seed in this region. Make ‘em as you like. Stuff ‘em with boudin, sausage, cream cheese, wrap ‘em up in bacon and toss ‘em on the grill. The challenge is letting them cool down enough after they come off the grill before cramming them in your facehole.

No. 16 Humus

It's after guac and salsa on the dip list, but it's nonetheless something nobody ever regrets having around. Good garlicky humus with some pita chips, or just straight up pita bread if you have it, is a snack that works on any day, whether there's a game on or not.