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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Deep-Fried Region: (1) Boudin Balls vs. (16) Corndogs

Yes we had to use them. Because #Internet.

Dan Davis

No. 1 Boudin Balls

How do you make one of the great Louisiana originals better? Deep fry it. Take our barbecue/grilling fourth seed, remove it from the casing, flour it or coat it in some breading and fry it off. Not even all that hard to do. Or if you don't want to make it, there are plenty of places that will be happy to sell you a tray or two to bring to your tailgate. But I doubt you'll bring many home.

No. 16 Corndogs

This is an LSU site on the internet and therefore we have to have them. I'll let Dan tell you why you should vote for them:

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul. Crewe. And I am the advocate, for the reigning, defending, conquering, undisputed, undefeated tailgate food champion of the world. CORN DOGS.

Ok, really now, can we finally just embrace the fact that corndogs are delicious? Sure, it's not even cooking. Sure, it's 100% cheap comfort food. I'm not quite sure how this got pushed off as an insult to our fans either. But rather than run from the stupidity, let's disempower the word by owning it. Corndogs smell good. Corndogs taste good. Corndogs are good. How is it an insult to be compared to one?

I've got all the respect in the world for your tailgate choices, but nobody is going to beat my beast: Corn Dogs.

Clearly Dan is confused, on his name and many, many things.