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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Appetizers/Snacks: (2) Spinach & Artichoke Dip vs. (15) Wasabi Roasted Almonds

Another appetizer classic versus a personal favorite that will sneak up on you.

Dan Davis

No. 2 Spinach & Artichoke Dip

It's up there with salsa, guac, French onion and the rest of the standard dips that are on just about every snack table at most tailgates. Chips, toast points, or if you're really fancy maybe even fry up some pasta for dipping, like at the Chimes.

No. 15 Wasabi Roasted Almonds

Okay, I'll admit to this being a personal call on my part, but these things rock. You get the crunch and the saltiness of roasted almonds combined with the flavor of wasabi and soy, with just the right amount of kick. It sounds weird, yeah, but once you try a few you'll wind up wanting to just grab the can and dump them all into your mouth. This went from an impulse buy a couple of years ago to a weekly tailgating staple for my family.