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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Round 1, Barbecue/Grilling Region: (1) Pulled Pork vs. (16) Kabobs

Classic Southern barbecue versus a common grilling favorite.

Billy Gomila

No. 1 Pulled Pork

The OG of barbecue -- the thing you're starting with before you think about smoking anything. On sandwiches, as is, sauced, or without if you're good enough to let the rub carry it. Smoke it the night before and you can have it all rested and ready to pull at the tailgate and watch it all go bye-bye.

No. 16 Kabobs

They get points for simplicity. You make 'em the night before, throw them on the grill, and you can even eat them with one hand if need be. But personally, I think they're not worth the trouble.