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LSU & the NFL Draft: Wrapping it Up

Sorting through the NFL Draft’s aftermath, here are the landing spots for the LSU players that weren't selected in the final rounds.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

LSU's four selections in the 2015 NFL Draft were the lowest total of the Les Miles Era, which to me, is a testament to just how young the 2014 squad was. Of course, there's a pretty notable reason for one player being left out of the mix. I'm not going to get into that much here; but nonetheless there were certainly some factors in the low total.

Still, five other Tigers were able to sign free agent deals over the last two days (La'el Collins likely will soon, I would imagine):

  • Terrence Magee landed with the Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore loaded up on passing-game weapons for Joe Flacco in the draft, but Magee should fit in pretty well there. He's not exactly a facsimile of Justin Forsett, but he still has the skill-set to get on the field with his abilities as a blocker and receiver.
  • Ronald Martin joined the Seattle Seahawks. Odd fit, but it's still a zone-heavy scheme, which should fit Martin's skill-set well. I could see him in the Kam Chancellor strong-safety role, playing mostly in the box and enforcing on crossing routes.
  • Connor Neighbors is headed to the Tennessee Titans. I can't speak much on the fit, with fullback roles being what they are, but good on Bonesaw for catching up with Zach Mettenberger. The two were pretty close here in Baton Rouge.
  • Elliot Porter signed with the Cleveland Browns. It's hard to imagine him making the final roster, but if Porter can even land on the practice squad he'll have the chance to learn from one of the NFL's best in Cleveland's Alex Mack.
  • Jermauria Rasco signed with the Green Bay Packers. If Rasco can stay healthy, he could fit in on a 3-4 team if he can pick up the linebacker position.
  • D.J. Welter signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Much like Kwon Alexander, Welter should fit the Tampa-Two style of defense more.

As for the players that were taken, here's a few thoughts:

  • Jalen Collins to Atlanta -- the Falcons could certainly use more size at corner, given that they play in a division with the likes of Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston, so Collins makes sense. I still think he'll need some development time, but he probably had the best upside of any corner in the draft.
  • Danielle Hunter to Minnesota -- the Vikings use a 4-3 more than a 3-4, but at least that means Hunter won't be learning a new position. What I've previously said holds true, if he can develop a pass-rush move set, Hunter has the talent to be a special player with the rest of his game.
  • Alexander to Tampa -- perfect fit, and he should be perfect on the other side of LaVonte David. That's assuming he wasn't drafted to replace David when the veteran linebacker's contract comes up.
  • Kenny Hilliard to the Houston Texans -- curious to see if Bill O'Brien views Hilliard as a fullback or a tailback. He's not really a one-cut zone guy like an Alfred Blue or Arian Foster, but if he can make the team he could easily grab some short-yardage carries and help on special teams.