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And The Valley Projects: Week 11

It's finals week, so this is going to be short, sweet, and to the point.

The National Seeds

LSU, UCLA. Illinois, Texas A&M, Florida State, Louisville, USC, Arizona State

Everybody won their regional except for Arizona State, who lost to Cal 2-1.

Illinois' form looks something like this:


(That's 21 straight wins if you're too lazy to count.)

The Hosts

Miami (FL), Dallas Baptist, Vanderbilt, TCU, FAU, Florida, Nevada*, Oklahoma State

Last week it was pointed out to me that UC Santa Barbara cannot host a regional because they don't have lights at their field. It's possible they can reach out to a local minor league park, but it's likely that they will have to travel as a 1 seed, letting a 2 seed host the regional.

It just so happens that this set up makes it possible for the "Big Three" in Florida to reach Omaha.

By the "Big Three", I of course mean Florida, Miami, and FAU.

The Rest Of The Field

Death, Taxes, and Southeastern going to Baton Rouge. The perks of being the #1 national seed means you get the bottom of the barrel four seeds and one of the less local three seeds. Coincidentally, I think it's the first regional composed of nothing but conference champions I've had.

The Regional Of Death Of The Week honors go to Florida and their regional that features a surging North Carolina, a strong USF team who is one of the eight teams in the AAC trying to win the conference outright, and a 35-13 Smoke Laval lead North Florida team.

Don't fail finals, and