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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket -- the Savory Sixteen: Brisket vs. Ribs

Now this I expect to be a tight one.

Billy Gomila

No. 2 Brisket

PC Brisket 2

vs. No. 3 Ribs

Ribs 4

The Barbecue/Grilling Region has had some of our toughest matchups to date, and this one is no different. Look, brisket has a case for the supreme of all smoked meats, but it's also A) expensive and B) tricky -- as some have pointed out in comments, a lot of people screw it up. But if you get it right the night before? HEAVEN.

Ribs are easier, and if you have enough time you can even get them done at an actual tailgate. Much more utility, and they also give you a little more latitude for error. Plus, you know, they're awesome.