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Defensive End/Linebacker Andre Anthony Commits To LSU

The defensive staff is on a roll right now.

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In less than two weeks, Kevin Steele and the defensive staff has added three new commits.  They made it four when they added Andre Anthony, increasing the intrigue of where things may go with the defense under Steele.  Either way, Andre is a special athlete that can wreak havoc in the backfield

What Andre Brings

Andre shows off supreme pass-rushing ability and it's more apparent in the camp setting. While his high school footage doesn't show much since he can get the edge on most of his opponents, the camp footage shows he can use his hands well to set up a blocker for his next move.  He probably projects best as an outside linebacker, which could indicate the transition even further. Anthony exhibits an energy that you would love from a linebacker, never giving up on a play and can run from sideline to sideline to make a tackle. He did run a 4.92 40 at the New Orleans Opening event, but I fail to believe that is indicative of his field speed. Some just aren't good at their start of the 40 and it appears he falls into that category because he doesn't look like a slow guy in the video.

What Anthony Means For LSU

I think we are slowly seeing the transition to a 3-4 defense, which wouldn't be surprising with Steele's recent background at Alabama.Getting guys like Logan and Roddy, who could both be 3-4 end, along with us trending for the 6'3", 326 lb. Texas defensive tackle Ross Blacklock, who projects more as a NT.  For the time being, it will give Steele the flexibility to show multiple looks at opposing offenses, something that may confuse these college quarterbacks.  Either way, Anthony gives Steele a guy that can set the edge and force tackles to be on their toes.  He won't be the last of his variety in this class with guys like Sci Martin and Erick Fowler still on the map, but Coach O and Steele love pressuring the quarterback and Anthony will definitely get that opportunity