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Linebacker Cliffton Garrett to transfer

The former five-star recruit has left the LSU team.

SB Nation

Former Five-Star linebacker Clifton Garrett will transfer to a JUCO college and does not plan on returning to LSU, Justin Hopkins of 247sports reported on Thursday. The transfer was confirmed by LSU shortly after it was first reported.

Exact details about why Garrett transferred are still unknown, but he was a non-factor, even on special teams in 2014, and didn't seem to progress much in the spring.

In April, Garrett had openly discussed his lack of playing time as a true freshman saying he was out of shape but had spent the off-season getting "bigger, faster, and stronger." Garrett had also undergone shoulder surgery during the off-season which he also said was a set back.

Still, Garrett was not a big factor during the spring and baring injury, was not projected to be in the two-deep for 2015.

The loss of Garrett certainly does not help an LSU team which did not recruit a linebacker as part of the 2015 class and has just eight linebackers on scholarship entering this season which includes MJ Patterson and Devin Voorhies, who were converted to linebacker during the spring.

Garrett came to LSU with a ton of fanfare, marking the first time in a long time that a highly touted linebacker from out-of-state had signed with LSU. Sadly, it did not work out.