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2016 Top 100 Recruit Erick Fowler Commits!!!

I think French Montana put it best, "Steele ain't worried about nothin." This marks five defensive commits in two weeks

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This staff is just on a roll and is making what is normally a quiet period for football something to get excited about. After all of the camp fallout, most thought things would go back to the demure state we have become accustomed to at this time, but a true boom came in the shape of top-100 recruit Erick Fowler out of Manor, Texas. The question now becomes, where will he play at the next level? Despite being rated as a top-10 defensive end by all recruiting services, he projects as an outside linebacker at the next level. With that in mind, let's go to the film.

What Fowler Brings To LSU

Fowler would be better off owning property in the backfield with how much he visits it in the six-minute highlight reel.  His film on Hudl is entitled Reincarnated but I think they chose the wrong "R" word. This kid is relentless and is likely bringing the ball-carrier down before they reach the line of scrimmage. One play that I love seeing is when a linebacker causes a QB to pitch it on an option and still make the tackle on the running back. It shows solid instincts to get a QB to commit yet stay in position to finish the play. Another thing he does well is read gaps well and anticipates extremely well for someone his age. There's little wasted motion when he is out there that would cause him to be out of place, and has good routes in his attack to the ball.

However, he doesn't show a lot with his hands in the film but that is something that comes with teaching and is one thing that Steele and O have put an emphasis on since stepping on campus.  He could stand to use some pass-rushing or disengaging moves if Steele is going to have his linebackers shooting gaps or acting as a stand-up defensive end. He's a little short for an edge pass-rush typie, but the good thing is he is solidly put together so there won't be much need to add or lose any weight.

What This Means For LSU

Steele has been on the warpath these recent weeks, filling up his front seven of the 2016 class and has done a great job bringing in pieces that can fit his defensive style. While Fowler doesn't match the height of the other linebackers in this class like Anthony and possibly Chattman, he is solidly built and can be a strong force on that edge. LSU is now up to 15 commitments and we are still in mid-June, a solid pace for this class especially with the talent that comprises it. And something tells me there will be more by the time the Fall rolls around. This class is well on it's way to competing for the top class in the nation com February and the best class that LSU has possibly seen.  One thing is for sure, this staff is making sure they won't get out-recruited by anyone and this is further indication.