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The Ultimate Tailgating Bracket Has Reached the Elite Eight

We’ve reached the Elite Eight of tailgating.

Dan Davis

The 64 dishes and food items we started out with have finally been paired down to eight. The top two in each region will square off, with a spot in the final four of the Ultimate Bracket of Tailgating up for grabs.

Seems like some regional bias may have been in play here, but then this is an LSU site so who do you think's doing the voting? There's really only one Cinderella in this ball, and it's arguably the one item you'd be more likely to find at a tailgate or party in another conference: Sausage Balls.

Besides, it's not like we can help it that our tailgating food is just...better. Sorry for partying.

Tailgate Bracket Elite Eight

Regional Final matchups:

Black Pot Region

No. 1 Jambalaya vs. No. 2 Gumbo

Barbecue/Grilling Region

No. 3 Ribs vs. No. 4 Boudin

Deep-Fried Region

No. 1 Boudin Balls vs. No. 2 Fried Chicken

Appetizers & Snacks Region

No. 1 Stuffed Jalapenos vs. No. 11 Sausage Balls