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#TailgateBracket: The Appetizers/Snacks Regional Final: No. 1 Stuffed Jalapenos vs. No. 11 Sausage Balls

From a seeding standpoint, this one is our only mismatch. Pick the top tailgating appetizer.

We're in an all sausage-related final here in the apps & snacks region of the Ultimate Tailgate Bracket, with the top seed, Stuffed Jalapenos (often containing sausage) against Sausage Balls. The latter are the lowest seed to make it this far, but they're also one of those ubiquitous party foods you see everywhere, at tailgates, watch parties, what have you.

Stuffed Jalapenos offer much more versatility, be it your basic hot sausage mixed with a little cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, or boudin, or some seasoned duck breast (my favorite).

Also, bacon. Honestly, that's probably game, set and match.