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Boom! 2016 Safety Eric Monroe Commits to LSU

Seriously? Now my fingers hurt from all these commit articles.

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Take it away Tom Cruise...

This has just become insane.  SIX defensive commits in the month of June alone, seven total, and then throw in Greedy two days before June on May 30th and there you have an insane stretch for LSU.  If you were with us for the Greedy commit article, I posed a new NCAA rule: Just let Corey Raymond take the defensive backs he wants for his class then, once he is done, all the other coaches across the nation can start recruiting the position. Raymond is like that annoying little spoiled kid. What Raymond wants, Raymond gets. That continued tonight when Raymond landed the top safety in the nation in Eric Monroe out of North Shore in Houston.

Monroe was going to wait until The Opening, which he earned his invite with a solid performance at the Dallas event, to announce, but his plans changed and thus convinced him to commit earlier.  He adds to the top DB class in the country, but what exactly does he bring?

What Monroe Brings To LSU

There's not much film to go off of in analyzing Monroe as the video above is actually his sophomore highlights.  What you do see is a safety that can just do it all. He runs up to the line like a madman as a run stopper, can drop back in zone coverage and can even get up in someone's face for man coverage. He has the speed and athleticism to cove plays from sideline to sideline, evidenced by the play at the 1:25 mark. You love seeing that type of determination to come from covering the receiver on the far right side of the field but stop the run way on the left sideline.

That determination was showcased last weekend at the LSU camp, where he was participating all the time, never taking much time off when he likely didn't even have to step foot on the practice field there. That willingness to be a part of everything despite being the top safety in the nation shows the type of mindset the kid has.

What Monroe Means For LSU

Bradley Dale Peveto gets the lion's share of the credit on this pull, and he's been a boss in the Houston area in recent weeks. But now Raymond has a secondary class that could start at most other schools right away. Greedy and Saivion at corner with Monroe and Cameron Lewis. Throw in some depth in Clifford Chattman, who may wind up being a linebacker, and you're set.  But of course LSU is not done. The safety position is likely set with Deontay Anderson likely going elsewhere with Ole Miss as the top candidate due to the numbers game. Expect the staff to now focus on Kristian Fulton and Trayvon Mullen to finish this DB class.  Reel in those two and you are looking at the best DB class in the country and possibly in contention for best DB class in LSU history, at least in terms of recruiting hype.