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#TailgateBracket: The Final Four is Here

We’ve made it through the regional rounds, and now four champions enter the final four of our Ultimate Tailgating Bracket.

Dan Davis

The Black Pot and Deep-Fried regions made it through mostly on chalk, but we've got some upstarts on the other side with boudin taking the Barbecue/Grilling Region as a four seed and genuine controversy, with 11-seeded sausage balls taking down the top Appetizer/Snacks entry, stuffed jalapenos (had some from the LeBlanc's on Drusilla in Baton Rouge this weekend -- crabmeat-stuffed AND boudin-stuffed and OMahGuh). It's not only the one member of our Final Four that's not unique to LSU, it's the only item that you'd see at tailgates outside of the SEC.

Maybe having some sort of national representation isn't a bad thing?

One thing's for sure -- between jambalaya, boudin links AND balls -- rice is pretty clearly the Official Grain of the Tailgate.

Meanwhile, the chance for an all boudin final, or an all-ball final, are certainly possible.

Final Four