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#TailgateBracket Semi-Final: Boudin vs. Sausage Balls

One of our only real non-Louisiana items, also the bracket’s Cinderella choice, goes up against arguably the state’s finest meat product.

Some say that boudin was under-seeded in the barbecue/grilling region, but it was also up against the entire expanse of the barbecue genre. Nonetheless, it has emerged triumphant. We may even have an all-boudin championship matchup, should the sausage and its deep-fried relative advance.

Sausage balls aren't that out there with the rest of this group. I mean it's still sausage-related, ground pork, seasoned, maybe smoked, mixed with cheese and seasonings and baked or fried into little nuggets of goodness. Dismiss them as yankee party food if you like, but don't act like you won't snag one or two at the office Christmas party.

They were the upset champion of the Appetizers/Snacks region, but they earned their place here. Who will move on?