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Cookin' ATVS Style: Ribs, Version 2.0

Short post here, but there isn’t a ton to discuss here in terms of ingredients, methods, etc… It’s ribs.

Billy Gomila

My first time working with ribs didn’t come out quite the way I wanted. I tried spritzing them with a mop sauce, and then I tried using the oven when it came time to sauce them, and while that was out of necessity (out of charcoal and propane for my grill), nonetheless it didn’t quite come out the way I was hoping.

The 2015 Super Regional provided me with another day that was good for smoking, so I picked up a couple of racks of baby backs. I had some leftover Pit Cue rub -- my wife had made the executive decision to combine the Beef and House varieties into one mason jar. But as has been oft-suggested, I decided to slather some yellow mustard on the ribs prior to the rubbin’.

Ribs 1

Ribs 2

I gotta say, I think it made a nice difference. These ribs had a fantastic bark, and that was before I threw some sauce on them and grilled them to get even more of a crust from the caramelized sauce. Smoked them for about 6 hours, in the low 200s on my electric smoker. Thoughts?

Ribs 3

Ribs 4

Ribs Cover