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A Flair For the Game: The 2015 Baton Rouge Super Regional

It's time for ULL to know exactly what they're up against here.

Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time -- here to talk about the massive showdown happening this very weekend at a jam-packed Alex Box Stadium...the Nature Boy. Ric Flair!

They call these boys the Ragin' Cajuns, and woooo boy, I can tell you exactly. Why. They're so mad. It's because they know that I'm sittin' over here, in the big house! On the big side of town! That I drive a Rolls Royce! That I've never taken a commercial flight in my life! And it's ALL! Because I was born with a golden spoon RIGHT HERE, in my mouth. We're talkin' Armani and Rolex boys, not JC Penny and Timex! WOOOOO!

And when you hot peppers cross that basin bridge and pull in to Baton Rouge, you're gonna get a real up-close and personal look at what a flagship enterprise looks like. It's long limousines. It's champagne! Custom-made clothes! And a line of women stretched from Skip Bertman Drive to Burbank, just WAITIN'! To hit a home run with the man.

You see, what we're talkin' about here, is the big-time boys! Alex Box Stadium! Standing-room only! Bright lights! People who paid top dollar to catch a glimpse at greatness!


I've done it all! And this weekend I'm gonna do it one more time! And ULL! When Evangeline the Cajun Queen walks by, and she lets out an OOOH LA LA! at the champ, you're gonna understand one thing! You'll always be playin' catch-up ball to the Nature Boy! THE GOLD STANDARD!

The best-lookin' man.

The best-dressed man.

And the finest performer in this business! And long after you're back on that bus, tail between your legs back to Cajun Country. Long after your playin' days are over, and you're sittin' at home, just know this -- that little Cajun Queen you settled down with? She's NEVER GONNA FORGET about that time she road Space Moutain -- WOO! And you my friend, YOU will never forgot your one brush with greatness. The time, you went one-on-one with the Nature Boy!.